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Whole Person Leadership: A Day of Healthier Working Workshops by Grassmarket Community Project & Partners

Jonny Kinross

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Tue 23 January 2018 | 10:00 – 16:00

Grassmarket Community Project | 86 Candlemaker Row | Edinburgh | EH1 2QA

Tickets: £70-100

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Heard enough about the problems and limitations for yourself and your team associated with out-dated patriarchal leadership styles? Concerned and challenged by what we are witnessing politically, nationally, globally and in our workplaces in terms of powerful men, women and organisations using fear based rhetoric, rejecting diversity and human empathy and connection In leadership?

Join us for a day of learning, exploring and developing ways of including more of yourself, your team and building community into your role.

These 6 contributors, facilitators, storytellers, creatives, social entrepreneurs, third sector leaders and people who struggled as well as excelled will bring themselves and their experience working in and with organisations and share their learning, insight and tools. The day will also provide you with an opportunity to bring your experience to the workshops and network with other leaders interested in a new approach.

Workshops will explore: How men limit themselves, taking Control of Feedback, Empathy Partnerships, Efficient and Effective Collaboration, Including All the Voices and balancing your needs, your employees and your organisations and wider society. You will be inspired. You will make connections. You will be challenged. You will laugh and you will eat cake.



Dave pickering does lots of different things but all of them are about creating stories. His podcast Getting Better Acquainted won a British Podcast Award in 2017, was nominated for a Radio Production Award in 2012, was featured on BBC Radio 4’s In Pod We Trust and Radio 5 Live’s Required Listeningand has been recommended by The Guardian, Time Out and the Financial Times. He co-produces the magical realist podcast drama The Family Tree. He ran a live night and podcast called Stand Up Tragedy which was picked as one of The Guardian’s 10 Storytelling Nights to Watch and produces the Restart Podcast which goes out online and on on Resonance FM. He co-wrote and produced the Cbeebies Radio Series, Ministry of Stories. He is part of the Spark London team, hosting their Hackney true storytelling Open Mic, producing podcasts and live shows for them. His drama series Numbers, written for RethinkDaily, was nominated for the Sony Radio Awards in 2009. He writes and produces music. He writes for the page, the screen, the stage and for himself. Before he went freelance, he worked for the library service, first as a library assistant and later as an Early Years Library Outreach Worker, a job he did for 5 years until it was cut in 2014. He has 7 years experience telling stories and singing songs.

In Dave’s presentation he takes us on a personal journey through gender as he tries to explain masculinity both to you and to himself. Part true storytelling, part TED talk and part apology, the show looks at how the patriarchy hurts men too; how the patriarchy has hurt him, and how he has hurt people because of patriarchy. Drawing on an anonymous survey of 1000 men, feminist theory, internet memes and his life experience, Dave will explain the conclusions he has come to after 35 years of trying to make peace with being a man. Additionally to this show and a reflection on it/development of it he made Liberating Men for BBC Radio 4’s Four Thought.

Content note: This piece will talk at times about violence, sexual assault and bullying.

Cookie note: Dave will not be accepting your cookies for this show, but he will offer you cookies at the end.


Elspeth Murray is a wordsmith and skilled arts facilitator, experienced in Critical Response Process and has coordinated feedback on performance works in progress for Scottish and Australian artists. She has focussed on puppetry, poetry and theatre for young audiences and since 2006 has toured internationally with and run educational workshops for the multi-award-winning puppetry show The Man Who Planted Trees and is a key part of Puppet State’s team for JRR Tolkien’s Leaf by Niggle. She is a board member of Olivier-award-winning theatre company Improbable, Chair of Puppet Animation Scotland and has been a mentor with the Federation of Scottish Theatre and the Sky Creative Learning Academy. An irrepressible sketchnoter and urban sketcher, she has live sketched for Sky, the International Short Breaks Association and the International Teaching Artists Conference. She is a member of the Authentic Artist Collective and operates under the banner Your Life Is A Work of Art.

Elspeth sees everything as connected and believes each of us can be about lots of things. She loves multi-disciplinary collaborations and the surprises and apparent ambiguities they generate. Invitation and involvement and inclusion are for her, a way of life.

Taking Control of Feedback workshop…

Ever been at a loss for words when faced with cake, art or a colleague who just isn’t your cup of tea? Or been disheartened by bad feedback or overwhelmed when others enthusiastically drown out your idea with theirs? This workshop will help you give feedback that is like gold-dust while also empowering you to seek the kind of input you need to be your best.

You will learn the key elements of the 4-step Critical Response Process and get hands-on practice at giving and receiving feedback in work, creative and personal contexts. These skills are transferable to formal and informal interactions in all kinds of organisational settings.

Elspeth has trained with New York choreographer Liz Lerman whose gold standard feedback framework Critical Response Process allows the creator of a piece of work to remain in control while those responding are empowered to speak their truth in as useful way as possible. Creative Scotland and Puppet Animation Scotland regularly encourage applicants to use the method as an integral part of developing new work.

NB The workshop will involve evaluating cake and giving feedback to the bake.


Through a work lens…

Pete is the originator and Chief Executive of Positive Prison? Positive Futures… a Scottish charity started up in 2012. Its purpose is to establish the recognition of people with convictions as citizens by bringing the voices of experience of punishment and beyond to the attention of those who can bring about systemic change to the Scottish justice system and to public opinion. The charity is now recognised as a key stakeholder by Scottish Government in terms of justice and has been party to significant improvements to the ways in which people with convictions can negotiate their journey back to citizenship. This all started as a result of a conversation about something entirely unrelated…

In my own words…

In some ways it is pleasing to recognise and accept that my life and work are inextricably linked but there are times when I wish this was not the case. I enjoy being outside in the hills with or without a bicycle, with a camera and probably with my ‘stealth’ camper van not too far away. I also find my work totally absorbing and I struggle with the use of the word ‘no’ when opportunities arise workwise. Finding time to do all the work I feel is waiting to be done whilst also connecting with the joys of friendships and the elements is an ongoing struggle. Not so much a question of balancing work and life as appreciating the dynamics involved.

Pete’s workshop is entitled ‘BEING READY FOR THE UNEXPECTED’ – sub-title ‘from prison to parliament’… It will endeavour to share and make sense of the experiences, not all good, and opportunities encountered along his totally unexpected journey into doing what he does now. It will also involve free-range discussion on the benefits of not having a plan but of having a clear sense of direction. The potential of staging meetings with no agenda, flipcharts, post-its or feedback may also arise…


Former Social Worker and Youth Worker Jonny turned his energy to social enterprise in the mid-noughties having run his own private business for 5 years. Whilst working with disenfranchised young people he set up MY Adventure – the trading arm of local charity MYDG employing young people to deliver outdoor activities. Having led MY Adventure for 5 years he took on his current role as CEO three years ago of the Grassmarket Community Project (GCP) which was awarded Social Enterprise of the Year this year. Originally a homeless charity GCP now has a wider understanding of community and issues of vulnerability and social isolations including: substance misuse, disability and mental health. The Charity supports vulnerable and marginalised adults to gain confidence, learn skills and re-connect with themselves, others and wider society. GCP has five social enterprises: a café, an Events space, a Furniture, textile business and provision of a Staff Canteen in busy Edinburgh’s city centre office. Jonny draws on his experience of working in community development, collaborative leadership, coaching and non-violent communication – enjoying sharing his learning formally through his social work practice teacher and informally in his role as coach to emerging leaders and empowering all levels of his organisation to feel connected and supported.

Jonny’s workshop entitled BEING PRESENT FOR YOURSELF AND YOUR TEAM seeks to stimulate discussion on how we remain equally centred on the needs of ourselves, our organisations or groups we lead as well as the well being of our colleagues. It will also consider how we acknowledge and bring our ‘feelings’ to our leadership and management of people in more challenging situations such as staff performance, power imbalances and restructuring that may trigger us or others. He will share some insights from his personal and professional life, his work as a social worker and youth worker and more recently as social entrepreneur as well as draw on the experience of the room.


Roz Adams has over 20 years of community work experience in the 3rd Sector, for the last 14 years at Bridging the Gap . She has played a key role in increasing collaboration within the 3rd Sector and across sectors in Gorbals, Glasgow and is passionate about creating a Listening Gorbals. She has also spent 10 years studying Communication and in 2017 became a certified trainer in Nonviolent Communication, delivering trainings, facilitating practice, mediation and coaching. She feels grateful for 26 years of raising her 3 children to adulthood and of her time now to explore and develop more of the things which bring her most to life.

Roz’s workshop will be on resourcing yourself so you can bring more of your voice with strength and vulnerability to every situation. This will include identifying and drawing strength from resources built from our previous experiences and the practice of being in choice in every moment.


Roland Playle has a background in international development and currently works in Scotland with communities and the environment. He is a practitioner of holistic science, takes a participatory approach to social and personal development and is a proponent of needs-based approaches rooted in NVC.

Roland’s Workshop is entitled: ‘LEADING FROM THE ‘INSIDE-OUT’: FINDING A HEALTHY AND DYNAMIC RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN THE ‘WHOLE PERSON’ AND ‘LEADERSHIP ROLES’. It is an invitation to explore the empowering relationship between how leadership can serve you and how you can bring more of yourself to your leadership role. He will use ‘needs-based’ models (Max-Neef, Rosenberg and Maslow) to reflect on what it means to be a whole person, and to look at what you can do to nourish and sustain yourself and your work through understanding this important relationship.

Co-Workshop – Empathy Partnerships – Jonny Kinross & Pete White

Jonny Kinross and Pete White will share their experience of an Empathy Partnership. This is a safe space in which they share what is currently going on for them – whatever it happens to be – seeking only to be heard and understood. Pete and Jonny have engaged in this ‘co-empathy’ style approach informed by the tools and principles of Nonviolent Communication, every week for well over a year. They will share with the conference how this practice has brought transformation and insights which have benefited them and their organisations.