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ESE Impact Report 2017

Social Enterprise in Edinburgh continues to grow with the report showing increased numbers of volunteers, paid staff and turnover. Paid posts have increased by almost 10 times in 4 years (3.5 times in 2 years) showing that social enterprise is a growing area for employment, whilst volunteer hours contributed an estimated value of £1.29m to social enterprises for the 12 months to July 2017. There has been a reduction in the rate of increase in volunteers sitting on boards/management committees, which is consistent with the wider third sector and this is an area that will be targeted over the coming 12 months, in partnership with Volunteer Edinburgh and EVOC. Turnover is still up, but growth is at a lower pace than previously reported, consistent with the national picture. However, international trade for Edinburgh based Social Enterprises is 10%, which is ahead of the national average of 7%.

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More Social Enterprises are reporting higher percentages of income coming from trade, rather than other sources of income, such as grants, with some members reporting 100% income from trade. Edinburgh Social Enterprises continue to show high levels of consumer facing trade, with 49% selling direct to the public.

All in all, Social Enterprise is creating employment, training and volunteering opportunities: increasingly  contributing to Edinburgh’s economy: becoming more robust and sustainable as a sector (against challenging market conditions) and increasingly trading at an international level.

Social Enterprises provide vital support and services to the most vulnerable people in Edinburgh, with 76% of respondents reporting that they have 200 or more beneficiaries, some have many more.