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What is Social Enterprise?

Social Enterprises are businesses that create a positive impact by reinvesting profits into their social or environmental aims. They trade for the common good addressing social needs, strengthening communities and helping to improve lives. They may also achieve their aims through training and employment opportunities.

About The Good Stuff Community

The Good Stuff Community Edinburgh is a meeting place for social enterprises, ‘socially enterprising’ businesses and organisations and anchor institutions such as universities, the NHS and the council who have come together to do good things in the city of Edinburgh.

Latest News

Mhor Outdoor

Mhor Outdoor is a not-for-profit social business that leads hikes for groups up hills in Scotland. Their mission is to allow everyone in Scotland to access an outdoor lifestyle, for a healthier and more equal society.

Studio Lutalica

Studio Lutalica are a dynamic team of creatives united by a mission to innovate and advocate through design and are dedicated to amplifying the voices of feminist and LGBTQ+ organisations through professional design services.

Edinburgh Festival of Cycling

Edinburgh Festival of Cycling Ltd., is a not-for-profit social enterprise. They don’t focus solely on the sports side of cycling but instead look at transport to sport, from leisure activity to cultural icon – all of which the festival sets out to celebrate, with a wide range of sporting, cultural and fun events for all age groups, across the city.

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Members’ Stories

Social Enterprises operate right across Edinburgh and the rest of the country making and delivering an incredibly wide range of goods and services. Read about some of our members and the wide and varied work they do supporting communities, driving social change and just making a difference!

Pictured: Chris Hellawell, Edinburgh Tool Library

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The network exists to support the Social Enterprise community operating or based in the Edinburgh area. Along with fully fledged Social Enterprises we encompass Private and Public organisations with an interest in or who are actively supporting Social Enterprise.