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Information required

Information required to direct support for Social Enterprises

ESE is working with City of Edinburgh Council to explore additional support for social enterprises who are in financial crisis as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. Proposals around support for business, including social enterprises and wider third sector organisations will be considered by the Council this Friday (20th) as a matter of urgency with implementation early next week.

ESE has been asked to gather information from the social enterprise sector about two key issues:

  1. the immediate and ongoing effect on social enterprises of the Covid-19
  2. ways in which social enterprises might be able to redeploy staff and/or resources to support emerging new priorities

We need to act quickly to gather as much information as possible. The more evidence we can submit, the more gravitas our pleas for assistance will carry.

If your organisation is at all affected, please complete the attached form as fully as you can as soon as possible to give us time to collate and forward to CEC so that we can inform and influence key decisions.

Individual company information will be identifiable to a limited number of senior ESE and CEC employees, for the purposes of directing appropriate support, but this data will not be made public.

To submit your response download the form here and then email to