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The Edinburgh Remakery

We’ve achieved this amazing thing, we should celebrate internally and externally

The Edinburgh Remakery

And that’s what the staff of Edinburgh Remakery did in April when they celebrated being awarded The Queen’s Award for Enterprise, recognising their outstanding achievement in social and environmental sustainability, coupled with significant and responsible business growth.

The Edinburgh Remakery team receiving The Queen’s Award for Enterprise
The Edinburgh Remakery team receiving The Queen’s Award for Enterprise

The award is one of the UK’s most prestigious business accolades and is split into four categories:

  • Innovation
  • International trade
  • Sustainable development
  • Promoting opportunity through social mobility

Since 1966 it has been a globally recognised royal seal of approval for UK companies with winners invited to a royal reception and permitted to fly The Queen’s Awards flag at their main office, and use the emblem on marketing materials. The Edinburgh Remakery is no stranger to awards success but even they saw this one as a bit of a long shot and would’ve been proud to have even made the shortlist.

Awards recognition is helpful for both publicity and funding applications but as Edinburgh Remakery’s Marketing and Communications Manager Steph Bowring notes it’s also something they do for themselves:

Social enterprises do so much hard work to create positive changes for their communities and the environment and sometimes you don’t stop and take a breath and think about how much you’ve done. We’ve achieved this amazing thing, we should celebrate internally and externally.

Steph Bowring

Befitting the prestigious nature of the award, the online application was quite involved. Steph thinks of it as a good experience though as it forced the team to focus on the positive impact the Remakery has had. In the application they discussed their services, looking in detail at how they encouraged collaboration, created green jobs in community and built resilience in people through the teaching of refurbishment and repair skills. They were also required to provide impact figures, financials and measure their progress against the UN sustainability goals, this last step in particular was very useful and is something the business has done across projects.

Steph was the lead on the application but she was quick to note how much of a team effort it was. Her biggest tip for Social Enterprises applying for the award is:

Make sure you have a really strong case for the category you’re applying for. As a team, constantly gather testimonials and photos, not just for applications but for their own sake. Have the evidence at your fingertips already.

Steph Bowring

Doing this allows you to look back at what you’ve achieved and is invaluable in seeing how far you’ve come. Everything you gather and create can then also be used on the website and in social media so that you’re constantly telling the world your story.

Winning means the Remakery will be recognised as a Queen’s Award recipient for the next five years and already they’ve found an increased interest in what they do with press from across the UK interested in their story. They’ve found that they’ve been able to reach new audiences outside of their immediate network and have been offered new opportunities they may not have received prior to winning.

How to Apply

  • The Queen’s Awards for Enterprise are free to enter and you can apply for more than one award.
  • All submissions must be completed via their website.
  • Applications are now open and must be submitted by midday on Tuesday 6 September.

More info and how to apply for The Queen’s Awards

About The Edinburgh Remakery
The Edinburgh Remakery is an award-winning environmental social enterprise committed to diverting waste from landfill, building a stronger community, and promoting a culture of repair and reuse. We repair, refurbish and recycle what others send to landfill, and we teach others valuable sustainable skills through training and job opportunities, and through our creative workshops.

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