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FreshSight is a student-led consultancy that works with social enterprises and charities across Scotland and the U.K. Founded in 2007, we create positive social impact by providing socially conscious organisations with affordable, sustainable and innovative business solutions. 

Our consultants come from all disciplines, backgrounds and experiences, providing a unique skill set and perspective to every client project. They are selected through a rigorous process to ensure we have highly motivated individuals that are passionate about making a positive change. Our social impact is in both directions; our clients work with some of Edinburgh’s brightest minds, and our consultants gain valuable business experience, skills, and a network of like-minded people. 

Through a 9-week project, we cover projects such as app development, market access and pricing, marketing strategy and more. Some of our previous clients include Hey Girls, MsMissMrs, Social Bite and Forgan Arts Centre. We have recently expanded to sustainability and are keen to continue diversifying our client base. With expert guidance and internal insights accumulated from 15 years of successful projects, our management team ensures that the final product our consultants deliver is well-informed, customised and practical .

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