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Volunteer Management for Social Enterprise (online course)

Edinburgh Social Enterprise in partnership with Volunteer Edinburgh

Volunteer Management for Social Enterprise (online course)

This online course covers the essentials of volunteer management for social enterprises. Delivered over three weeks using a mixture of self-study, online forum based discussions and resources, weekly group Zoom seminars and 1:1 support sessions. This course offers you a fantastic professional development opportunity in a totally flexible way.

To ensure the best possible learning experience and support the course is limited to a maximum of ten participants. For weekly group Zoom sessions the group will be split into two separate groups of five.

Whether you are new to volunteer management and social enterprise or have been in the sector for a while, this enjoyable and interactive course will help you develop your volunteering management skills and knowledge, while sharing your experiences with and learning from others in the sector.

Course outline

Week 1: Involvement (w/c 9 May)
Week 2: Recruitment (w/c 16 May)
Week 3: Support and Supervision (w/c 23 May)

The course will require approx 3.5 hours of study time each week most of which can be done flexibly using the online Volunteer Edinburgh Academy portal. Once the course commences the portal and access to the resources within it will be available to participants 24/7 and will remain available for three months after completion of the course. You will be required to attend a scheduled group Zoom seminar on a Thursday or Friday each week.

Weekly learning/study time

• Reading and interactive presentations: 0.5h, using Volunteer Edinburgh Academy portal
• Forum activities including case studies and exercises: 1.5h, using Volunteer Edinburgh Academy portal)
• Scheduled group seminar (Zoom) sessions: 1.5h
(either Thursdays – 2-3.30pm or Fridays – 9.30-11am)

1:1 Sessions

The course also includes an additional two 1:1 sessions of 45min each with the facilitator to answer specific questions about volunteering in your social enterprise setting. To offer maximum flexibility, you will be able to book these sessions at a variety of times throughout the 3 week course or during an additional 2 weeks following the end of the course.

How to enrol/cost

The course is free to Full members of ESE and £50 for Associate or New and Aspiring Members. (Course numbers are limited to a maximum of ten to ensure the best possible experience for all participants)

To note your initial interest in attending this course please email: