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The Green Team

The Green Team

The Green Team provide activities in nature, for corporate groups and other organisations that want to:

  • make a tangible difference to the natural environment, including tree planting, removal of invasive species or wildlife habitat creation
  • enhance wellbeing through activities such as mindful walks, natural arts and crafts, and quiet sit-spots to listen and observe the nature around
  • improve teambuilding: developing skills and increasing connection between individuals

Each session is unique and can be tailored to meet the needs of the group. Income generated by running these activities support the Green Teams core mission of connecting children and young people to nature, others and themselves, through specific programmes that support:

  • young people who are coping with mental health challenges
  • young people who are struggling at school as a result of lack of self-esteem, social isolation, neurodivergence, absenteeism or other issues
  • young people who want to take positive action to enhance the natural environment
  • outdoor learning, with a focus on ensuring high quality learning is available to all
  • children and young people to play, discover and explore

“I’ve been getting into a lot of bother these past few weeks, but this day has given me the opportunity to do something to take care of myself and give something back to nature too. That feels really good”
Young Person


Tynecastle High School,
2 McLeod Street,
EH11 2ND
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