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The Edinburgh Remakery

The Edinburgh Remakery

The Edinburgh Remakery is a social enterprise, community repair hub and second-hand shop based in the Leith area of Edinburgh. Our vision is to create an alternative to a disposable society by making repair education accessible to all, to build a stronger, waste-free community and support vulnerable people within our city.

The Edinburgh Remakery is an innovative, award winning social enterprise. Our model is based on the principles of the Circular Economy: to repair items keeping them out of landfill, to teach repair skills and to campaign for items to be made to last longer and be able to be repaired. To achieve this we:

  • Run workshops to teach reuse and repair skill
  • Repair and refurbish donated items of furniture and IT equipment
  • Sell affordable items of furniture and IT equipment
  • Donate furniture and laptops to people in need
  • Run free weekly repair surgeries for It, furniture, clothing and textiles.

If you have IT equipment and furniture that you no longer need, donate them to us instead of throwing them away!

We repair, refurbish and resell furniture and IT equipment at affordable prices. We accept donations from individuals, companies and other charities. If your IT equipment is broken or goods are damaged we can still accept them – this is what makes us different from other charity shops. We teach reuse and repair shills and can make use of all component parts.

It’s easy to donate and you will be helping our planet and our community. Go to our website for full details of what we can accept.

0131 629 9358
127 Leith Walk
  • The Edinburgh Remakery