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T-UK Skills & Workforce Development

T-UK Skills & Workforce Development

Do you or your supply chain have short to medium term recruitment needs? Put off using a Recruitment Agency? 
T-UK offers an ethical recruitment solution that reinvests profits to upskill temporary workers aimed at cementing their place in the labour market at a higher level through on-going skills progression.

T-UK provides a sustainable recruitment model which is aimed at promoting socially responsible employment of temporary staff which builds in up-skilling from investment in a training fund. Bespoke training is offered to employers with a view to growing their own talent and drawing from local labour markets in partnership with training providers and other agencies. Careful matching of candidates will ensure best fit of workers with job roles. Sustainability is assured when training is procured from local third sector providers and reducing the dependence on public money.

T-UK Skills & Workforce Development provide a Temporary Recruitment Service to employers with the aim to upskill workers and improve their skills and earning capacity. By improving the ‘local labour pool’ and helping to raise productivity for businesses this allows people to progress and have fair and fulfilling work; thus, achieving a sustainable social & economic impact.  The model is simple: for every hour the individual works, T-UK will re-invest profit margin into the training and development fund to upskill workers and improve the workforce. Contact T-UK to learn more and help with our #Project100 to #GrowYourOwnTalent.

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