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Social Print and Copy CIC

Social Print and Copy CIC

Social print and Copy was created by a group of leading charity partners and print Industry professionals to deliver best value, ethical and transparent copy, print and document solutions. We offer you better value, flexible print solutions without the burden of large settlement service agreements, pushy sales people or complex contracts.

We’ve been there too. In the past we’ve been blinded by the complex contracts and promise of ‘the best printer deal ever’. We’ve signed printer and copier contracts that have ended up costing a small fortune and being locked into expensive purchase and service contracts. We formed SP&C to change the way our sector meets it’s printer and copier needs.

Goodbye large settlement service agreements, pushy sales people or complex contracts.

Hello Social Enterprise delivering best value, ethical and environmentally sound print and document solutions.

By the third sector, for the third sector. SP&C are a group of charity and print industry professionals working together to deliver affordable, simple print and copy services with all surplus returned to the third sector via a small grants program.

With the pressure to work from home during the Coronavirus outbreak Social Print and Copy have worked with business partners to produce a great print package for home working. We have put this together as reports of home printers costing absolute fortunes. This is a business model that can be transferred to the office in future if required. Download here