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Sikh Sanjog

Sikh Sanjog

We provide Sikh and other minority women with access to information, employment training advocacy, support and a wide variety of other services. Sikh Sanjog also operates a community cafe (Punjabi Junction) and outside catering from Leith Walk.

Sikh Sanjog believe working in partnership with other voluntary and statutory organisations is an effective means of enabling Sikh, and other ethnically and culturally diverse women and their families, to access integrated services and employment.

Services we provide:

  • Training, personal development and employability facilitation
  • Inclusive activities for children and accreditation based positive outcomes for young people
  • Literacy coaching
  • Training and coaching in IT and computer use for everyday life
  • Social and wellbeing support for young women from settled migrant communities, and others new to the community and those with young families
  • Health and wellbeing activities for over 50’s women
  • Advice and counselling via ‘drop in’ centre
  • Proactive in reaching out to new members of the community who could benefit from these services
  • Extension of the services to other ethnically and culturally diverse groups with similar needs
  • Provision of specialist advice/consultation to statutory organisations e.g. Police, NHS, Social Services, Edinburgh Council
0131 553 4737

Leith Walk Business Centre
130/12 Leith Walk