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Shrub Cooperative

Shrub Cooperative

SHRUB is a zero-waste community co-operative in Edinburgh working for a world without waste and empowering people to live a low carbon life.

At our Zero Waste Hub you can buy and swap second-hand clothes, books and other items. We run a Food Sharing Hub where you can come and help yourself to some rescued food and pay as you feel. There is also a vegan cafe and regular events happening in the space!

Based at 22 Bread Street - a community hub where like-minded people aim to build solutions to the challenges of climate change and wasteful consumption.

The SHRUB Wee Spoke Hub is our inclusive bike space! We do bike repairs, DIY sessions, mechanical training and workshops. We are a welcoming active travel advocacy hub.

Based at 13 Guthrie Street - we want better cycling skills for the Edinburgh community, to equip people with the skills to repair and maintain their own bike, for cycling to be more accessible to people from all walks of life, and to have better cycling infrastructure in the city.

SHRUB Cooperative was registered as the UK’s first student-­led community co­operative. A large proportion of our members are students, but our membership is becoming increasingly diverse, incorporating individuals from a range of ages and backgrounds in the local community. We no longer describe ourselves as “student-led”, but instead we are “community-led”.

As a co­operative, the SHRUB operates an open membership policy (anybody above the age of 16 can apply for membership). You can join either by being a paying member or by volunteering. SHRUB is organised non-hierarchically and governed through consensus decision making. Members are free to join in decision making and to stand for a position as a Trustee. Trustees are elected at the AGM and are legally liable for the Co­op.

In 2022,  SHRUB has Saved 27,296kg of food from going to waste, equivalent to 102,061kg CO2e and in our swapshop we saved 6267.64kg of stuff from going to landfill - 74,590.96kg CO2e.


Find out more

Find us at the Zero Waste Hub from 11am to 6pm Tuesday to Saturday and 12 to 5pm Sundays.

Find us at the Wee Spoke Hub from 1pm to 6pm Wednesday to Saturday.

For more information about SHRUB visit its websiteFacebook page or Instagram account

0131 281 0583
22 Bread Street