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MHScot Workplace Wellbeing CIC

MHScot Workplace Wellbeing CIC

MHScot Workplace Wellbeing CIC is a small disability-led Social Enterprise, based in Edinburgh, which supports the mental health and wellbeing of all Scotland’s workforce in the private, public and third sector.

Our main focus is on education, mental health literacy and culture, delivering courses, workshops, awareness-raising sessions, focus groups and more; helping you to improve and create a positive, empowering and resilient workplace environment. Healthy working environments also create and maintain healthy home environments in which we can all thrive.

We strongly believe that a healthy mind is the most important factor in creating a healthy workplace. Our focus on learning and development, education and supporting culture change around mental health in the workplace will help everyone achieve this and much more.

Preventing mental health-related conditions is significantly better than allowing them to develop and builds a healthier environment in which to talk about what affects us ALL.
Poor mental health and wellbeing is one of the biggest public health challenges facing society today. It is the leading cause of sickness absence in the workplace and can cause immense distress to those experiencing it – as well as those closest to them. We contribute to a significant number of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals with a key one being ‘Good Health and Wellbeing‘.

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