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Lister Housing Co-operative Ltd

Lister Housing Co-operative Ltd
Lister Housing Co-operative provides social rented housing for those in housing or medical need within Edinburgh. Lister is a registered social landlord with 185 flats in and around Lauriston Place in the Old Town. Most of the flats are family-sized with few single-person properties. Any vacancies are advertised on
As a tenant-run co-operative Lister focus on providing good housing, a quality environment and supporting the community. Most of our flats are in B-listed Georgian tenements and we care for these historic homes carefully. Lister has pioneered some energy conservation and renewable energy measures over the years.

A Registered Society - FCA number 1876R(S).

Registered Social Landlord HAC150-Scottish Housing Regulator.

0131 229 6176

36 Lauriston Place