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Edinburgh Palette

Edinburgh Palette

Edinburgh Palette is a Social Enterprise and charity providing a vibrant, creative hub for talented artists. It's a community of makers, designers and artists, working alongside charities, creative enterprises and small businesses. This community has steadily grown in St Margaret’s House, a former office block disregarded by many for its “neo-brutalist” architecture.
Edinburgh Palette aims to breathe life into more communities through creating a network of revived dormant buildings. Individually, these meet the needs of their local communities – collectively, they provide a national platform for budding artists, creative entrepreneurs and community organisations.

In St Margaret’s House, the charity has created an inclusive hub where artists, craftspeople, community groups and businesses share space, interact and exchange ideas, while providing a diverse programme of public events and exhibitions.

Its guiding mission is to provide studio artists, entrepreneurs and community organisations with low cost studio space and unique, organic opportunities for collaboration. In the future the charity intends to extend its reach further with new sites and partnerships.

With over 230 Tenants there would be too many to list them all however in addition to over 3000 sq ft of Art Galleries and a vibrant Community Arts Programme, Key facilities and partners include:

  • The Drawing Room (Hireable workshop and event space)
  • G5 Education Space
  • The Wee Theatre
  • Printbase
  • Bridge Pottery Collective
  • Edinburgh Design School
  • Edinburgh Judo
  • Edinburgh School of Icon Painting
  • Edinburgh School of Music
  • Leith Lapidary Club
  • Care for Carers
  • Link Up Womens Support Network
  • People Know How (Community Network Solutions and Network

Check out the directory on our website for a full list.

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