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Crossing Countries

Crossing Countries

Crossing Countries has a classic bus! The pandemic has forced us to change. No volunteering trips for disabled and nondisabled people to South Africa. Instead we are developing The Bus is for Us project. At its heart is a classic Edinburgh Airport Bus. It will be the unique nucleus for a creative space, a community of learning, where people from all walks of life can socialise and learn about each other’s lived experiences, while also sharing knowledge and skills.

A place of imagination and possibility; a retired translator of Norwegian detective stories chats to a blind PhD student from Zimbabwe who is making a recycled rag rug, a father of three plays Boccia (a Paralympic sport similar to bowls) with a woman who is passionate about gardening. Later they chat about the art exhibition displayed on the bus windows over beetroot cake and a cuppa. It will be an accessible mobile place of curiosity, possibility, understanding and openness for people of all abilities and identities to share and learn new skills.

That’s the theory – it’s a project right at the beginning so we will update you and if you have some ideas, want to collaborate or just want to chat please get in touch.

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