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Caring Christmas Trees

Caring Christmas Trees

Scottish-grown, grade 1 Christmas Trees at volunteer-led collection sites across Scotland. Proceeds support Bethany's life-saving winter work, such as the Edinburgh Winter Care Shelter. The Christmas trees are competitively priced with the feel-good factor that someone in need is benefiting from your support.

Established in 2005 by Bethany Christian Trust, Caring Christmas Trees has already made a positive difference by using the surpluses generated to operate Bethany’s winter Care Shelter in Edinburgh, providing food, advice and a safe place to sleep for people who would otherwise be rough sleeping.

Caring Christmas Trees’ products are bought on-line with customers choosing their size of tree, which collection point they want it from and paying by credit card. The operation has received widespread acclaim and support from customers, local authorities, politicians and the fundraising profession.

Initially based in Edinburgh we have branched out as a social franchise, working with Impact Arts in Glasgow, Kibble in Paisley, Gowrie Care in Dundee & Perth, the Jericho Road project in London and Bethany in Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Fife.

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