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Non-Social Enterprise Application

Membership Benefits

  • The Good Stuff Community Edinburgh is the place to access all things social enterprise in Edinburgh, connect through our online marketplace, in-person networking events or via matchmaking from our expert team (some of this may be chargeable). We make community wealth building happen.
  • Members receive invites to (and the chance to sponsor) a selection of in-person and online events, training and markets including regular networking breakfasts and lunches, Women in Social Enterprise Events, Social Stories, Meet the Buyers and our Buy The Good Stuff Markets.
  • By joining you’ll have access to the latest news and intel on the sector and have the chance to input into future decision making locally, regionally and nationally.
  • We offer direct access to a wealth of knowledge and resources from the experienced professionals in our team and strategic partners as well as peer support and mentoring.
  • By using the Good Stuff branding you can show the world you’re part of the movement to do good stuff.
  • And don’t forget the amazing feeling inside knowing that you’ve helped make Good Stuff happen…

Membership Fees

The cost of joining The Good Stuff Community Edinburgh is dependent on company size (measured in FTEs). Fees are charged annually.

Membership fees go toward offsetting costs for our fully asset-locked not for private profit social enterprise members – just more good stuff that you’re doing by signing up.

  • 1 FTE or less: £40 per year
  • 2-10 FTEs: £70 per year
  • 11-25 FTEs: £150 per year
  • 26-50 FTEs: £250 per year
  • 51-100 FTEs: £350 per year
  • 101-499 FTEs: £550 per year
  • 500 FTEs or over: £1500 per year

Anchor institutions such as Edinburgh City Council or the Universities pay a flat fee of £1000 per year regardless of size.
The number of FTEs is taken from time of joining / renewal date and is rounded to the nearest whole number.