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Healthy Working Lives – Free Support & Training Available

As part of the NHS in Scotland all the services offered by Healthy Working Lives are free – they’d like to work together to help organisations become more aware of the free resources and support available.

  • Healthy Working Lives is often known for its Healthy Working Lives award which helps organisations build a healthier workplace and workforce.   The award provides a good framework for organisations to improve health but we do much more and realise that the award process isn’t for everyone.
  • We can provide Health and Safety advisers to visit workplaces and provide free advice and support (the level of service currently varies across Scotland).
  • We offer phone advice to individuals and employers (0800 0192211) on all manner of health, safety and wellbeing topics – including occupational health
  • We are the entry point to many NHS based rehabilitation services to retain or return employees to work as soon as possible during and after illness/absence
  • Our web site offers a range of advice, support and tools ranging from mental health and stress questionnaires/training and assessments, to carry out a risk assessment,  to undertaking a return to work interview after absence (
  • We are building a substantial portfolio of training offers ranging from face to face training, online virtual training courses and most recently a trainers portal where trainers can download and use our training materials in their own organisations, all free. Our training topics include,  Mentally Healthy Workplaces, Violence and Aggression in the Workplace, Improving Workplace Health, Mentally Healthy Workplace Training for Managers and Alcohol and Drugs in the Workplace Training for Managers.  The full list can be accessed on our websites training page HWL Training Information.