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Geotourist launch SE Tour in Edinburgh

Geotourist and ESE logos

Disrupt technology works with Edinburgh Social Enterprises to raise awareness of strong presence throughout the city

Geotourist has launched a new digital audio tour that will helps visitors to the City of Edinburgh understand how they could make the most of their time in the city in a socially responsible way.

Downloadable from the Geotourist app to visitors’ smartphones, the tour showcases some of the city’s social enterprises, complimenting the Invisible Cities Edinburgh tour already published on the app.


Spreading across the city, the tour visits social enterprises that create an impact on the wider world, as well as helping the people of Edinburgh and Scotland. Produced in partnership with Edinburgh Social Enterprise, the network body for Social Enterprises in the city, this Geotourist trail offers an alternative perspective on this globally renowned city and helps visitors to the Festival immerse themselves in their surroundings.

Claire Pattullo, CEO of Edinburgh Social Enterprise, said: “We are delighted with the opportunity this partnership offers our members to raise awareness of their goods, services and most importantly, their social benefits on a world platform, as well highlighting the diversity of the Social Enterprise community in Edinburgh”.

Starting at Gorgie City Farm in Dalry, the tour passes through the Old Town, crosses the New Town before exploring Leith and Portobello, concluding in Craigmillar. Comprising 9 points, the tour will grow across the coming months, covering ever more of Edinburgh’s city map. Using GPS technology, the app pinpoints where users are and triggers content as they pass by members of Edinburgh Social Enterprises.

Claire said: “We hope that app users will enjoy sampling the goods and activities our members offer whilst exploring Edinburgh beyond the city centre and off the usual tourist trails”.

The tour so far includes the following social enterprises:

  • Breadshare – the bakery with social objectives
  • Hadeel – a Fairtrade craft shop aiming to provide sustainable income for those in need in Gaza
  • One World Shop – Edinburgh’s oldest Fair-Trade shop, in the crypts under St John’s Church
  • The Yard – Adventure Play Centre for children with disabilities during the week and open to the public on Sundays.
  • The Grassmarket Community Project which supports vulnerable adults and homeless people, operates a café and creates gifts made with their own tartan and bespoke furniture from recycled wood.

The tour is of interest to new and returning visitors to the city, especially during Festival time, to help them understand Edinburgh as a holistic entity. It will also be of interest to local residents and those who work or have an interest in the Social Enterprise industry. The tour is free and the Geotourist app itself is free to download from the App Store or Google Play. Visitors are encouraged to visit the social enterprises on the tour and find out more about supporting them via their individual websites.

The Geotourist app is a new publishing space where organisations and individuals can access the technology to reach wider audiences all over the world. Geotourist works with individuals, organisations and brands across 6 continents and is cited as “the future of travel tech” within a Visit Britain Future Trends report.

CEO and Geotourist founder, Shaon Talukder, who created the Geotourist concept said: “When we worked with Invisible Cities in Edinburgh, we just knew that there was more we could do to support social enterprises in the city. We are a global brand, so to have two social enterprise tours in one location is a very-welcome first for us. It’s about supporting the communities that we work in and making a positive social impact where and how we can. Our commitment to promote an ethos of responsible tourism is a key driver of the Geotourist roadmap.”

Amongst its awards and accolades, Geotourist is proud to have been awarded ‘Gold’ at the International Tourism Awards at the World Travel Market within the LGBTQ category for a tour in Denver, USA. Working in collaboration with the AARP, the tour tells the story of the history, battles and celebrations of this community.

Geotourist is proud to support Edinburgh Social Enterprises by combining storytelling and tourism to help promote social good. The tour offers visitors a way to get to understand the city that they are in beyond the traditional tourism message and offers travellers who champion responsible tourism an opportunity to leave a positive imprint that makes a difference to local lives.

Interviews available on request, please contact:
Claire Pattullo, Edinburgh Social Enterprises – +44 (0) 131 241 1928

Shaon Talukder, Geotourist – +44 (0) 207 112 9350

For further information on Geotourist, please contact Lindsey Wilson, +44 (0) 7946
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Photograph: A visual of the tour

Map of Geotourist tour