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Edinburgh Festival of Cycling

The Edinburgh Festival of Cycling Ltd., is a not-for-profit social enterprise, run by a small group of people. The current board of directors are: Kim Harding (Founder and CEO), John Whittaker, and Ulli Harding. They are assisted by a small group of volunteers.

The Edinburgh Festival of Cycling was originally envisaged as a proper Edinburgh-style festival. A citywide event, originally held over nine days, showcasing and celebrating all aspects of bicycle culture and the city itself. The Festival was expanded from nine days to ten in 2014, and then 11 days inclusive from 2015 onwards.

Unlike some cycling festivals, The Edinburgh Festival of Cycling doesn’t just revolve around the sports side of cycling (although we aim to try and cater for sports cycling in all its forms as well). There are so many sides to cycling – from transport to sport, from leisure activity to cultural icon – all of which the festival sets out to celebrate, with a wide range of sporting, cultural and fun events for all age groups, across the city.

After a few years off, EDFOC returned this year with 10 days packed of events from the 31st of May to the 9th of June.

Here are a few things that people have said about The Edinburgh Festival of Cycling:

  •  “Probably the best cycling festival I’ve come across. Wish I could have participated in more
  •  “Really felt like there was a cycling “buzz” around the city, I only participated in a couple of things, but I saw other people doing stuff, and heard a lot about it on social media. Good stuff!
  •  “Really enjoyed the festival. Look forward to next year!

For more information on EDFOC, click here.

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