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Collaborating to Bid – Edinburgh Young Carers Partnership

In November 2019 City of Edinburgh Council published the Edinburgh Carers Support tender.  This had been proceeded by the publication of a Prior Information Notice and a number of events with interested organisations.  Following one of these events in September it emerged that it was likely that organisations would benefit from bidding together to fulfil the tender specifications.

To facilitate this Partnership for Procurement (P4P) in partnership with EVOC hosted a Collaboration and Procurement workshop for social enterprises and third sector organisations interested in bidding for the Edinburgh Carer Supports tender in October 2019.  With a view to facilitating the formation of partnerships. 

A great example of organisations coming together to successfully bid as a consortium for the Edinburgh Carers Support tender is the Edinburgh Young Carers Partnership, comprising Space (The Broomhouse Centre), Edinburgh Young Carers and North West Carers (Capital Carers).  All three organisations had been working together for a long time, delivering services together and collaborating.  The Edinburgh Carers Support Tender offered them an opportunity to formalise their partnership and bid for the Edinburgh Carers Support Tender as a consortium.  By bidding together, they were able to fully meet the tender specifications. 

P4P supported Edinburgh Young Carers Partnership to develop a Memorandum of Understanding for their consortia, provided a Bid Writing Plan and tender reviews.  They were successful in their bids for 2 Lots within the Edinburgh Carers Support Tender which allows them to continue delivering fantastic services for young carers and young adult carers in Edinburgh.

Feedback from the Edinburgh Young Carers Consortium about the support:

‘P4P were an amazing help to Edinburgh Young Carers Partnership……Working with P4P, made it a much clearer process. P4P provided systems for us to follow to prepare as a partnership, advice on docs, e.g. ESPDs, feedback on tenders, drafts and creating bid libraries to get ready well in advance.  Thank you to P4P for helping us navigate what would have been a much more complex maze, instead giving us a road map.’

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